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Henry & Hall - The Complete Car Sourcing Service

We represent clients all over the UK sourcing and financing their vehicles leaving them relaxed in the knowledge that we will take the headache out of finding their next car.

At the helm of our business are Adam Henry & Richard Hall. With years of experience in sourcing vehicles and arranging competitive finance, what separates us from the limited competition is the personal service that we offer and the results that we achieve. Sourcing your next vehicle through Henry & Hall will give you peace of mind throughout your entire ownership experience.

Sourcing your vehicle

For many of you, sourcing your next vehicle is often complicated, daunting, time consuming and confusing. It is also one of the largest financial commitments you will make other than your home. However unlike your home there are hundreds of companies selling the same car on different terms!

Today's car market is littered with deals but you have to have the right contacts to find them. Our clients bypass the hard sale, lack of returned phone calls and delivery dilemmas to simply make an informed decision and await delivery of their new vehicle. In turn, we also make life easier for our dealerships with one point of contact and clients ready to purchase. No tentative calls and no haggling without commitment.

About Us

Adam Henry
The passionate car enthusiast.

"Ever since I can remember I have played with cars and much to my family's distress I continue to do so. My own passion for buying and owning cars has meant that I have experienced the highs and lows the industry has to offer. I am a perfectionist and hate bad service.

Having owned a number of customer service focused businesses, I have combined this experience with my passion for cars and created a car sourcing service where customers come first. Each time we represent a client I have to look at it as if I were buying the car for myself. Buying a car shouldn't have to be a disappointing experience but too often it is.

Like most things in life it tends to be a case of who you know rather that what you know. When representing our clients we are able to engage with car dealerships that have worked with us for many years and are well placed to match our high expectations.

We deliver value on many fronts. Pricing. Peace of mind. Financial advice… and much more."

Richard Hall
The money-man and owner of Hall Asset Finance.

"I have specialised in corporate finance for most of my working life. Setting up a private practice was a natural progression based on my personal approach and market experience. With a comprehensive panel of lenders and thousands of satisfied customers, a partnership with Adam created HENRY & HALL.

Like the car market, there are many finance products available across a multitude of lenders. The key is finding the most appropriate deal for our customers and we pride ourselves on getting this right first time round. By initially agreeing finance for our clients, we make the sourcing of vehicles much smoother. Dealers will then work harder for us because they know our clients are in a position to move quickly.

So many of my existing clients mentioned that they wished their car purchase ran as smoothly as the finance. Through HENRY & HALL we are now able to deliver on both fronts."

Authorised and Regulated

Herts Business Solutions Ltd trading as Hall Asset Finance and Henry and Hall is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Visit Hall Asset Finance website

Our Services

We enjoy discussing cars so we are always happy to have a no obligation chat with you regarding your vehicle purchase. Based on that conversation we can discuss the way forward. As you would expect, we deal with all aspects of your purchase which may include your part exchange, transfer of number plates, special delivery requests etc. We have yet to find a reasonable request that we are unable to attend to.

Most importantly our goal is to ensure the car is in line with your expectations and where possible exceed them. We leave nothing to chance, ensuring that we have full provenance on your purchase right down to the small details such as tyre tread left on a used car.

Your vehicle will be sourced from a UK based approved dealership. We have no allegiance to anyone but you so we remain fully impartial in our service.

Ultimately you end up with a vehicle you want to buy rather than one someone wants to sell you.

Types of Vehicles

We have sourced vehicles from the Smart Car to the Bugatti Veyron, so whatever your choice of vehicle we can source it for you. Our service 'works best' with cars that have a value of £7,500 upwards and are generally under 5 years old. If you are unsure we can help, please ask and we will happily discuss.

We also have a team that specialise in commercial vehicles and we have some of the strongest terms in the market with all leading manufacturers

Honest Testimonials

"Henry & Hall sourced my car and then arranged customisation afterwards. The results were stunning, and two years on I have no wish to change my vehicle. The knowledge, attitude and time invested in me as an individual customer was first class and something I had not experienced before. I would recommend Henry & Hall to everyone, without hesitation."

Adam George

"I have used Henry & Hall for as long as I can remember which has added up to over twelve car purchases. I would go on record to say that they are the best in the business from high end performance sports cars to economical town cars

Buying a car can be as stressful as buying a house but when you use Henry Prestige they have a knack of taking all the pain away which leaves you with a very satisfying experience.

With Henry & Hall the glass is always half full and the can do attitude of Adam and the team is one I would not hesitate in recommending to my family, friends and business contacts."

Craig Hardiman-Scott

"I have used Adam Henry to source cars for my friends, family and businesses exclusively over the last 10 years. He has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of so many makes and models of vehicles and his service is second to none. He seems to have contacts at so many dealerships and the money he has saved me over the years has been amazing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adam and his company to anyone."

Andy Pelley

"When you're looking to invest in a high end car it's never an easy transaction. We are all managing ever increasing workloads and when we decide it's the right time to buy a new car the issue isn't the cost. It's the time to source, understand what you actually want, where to locate the car and then how best to finance this. It can be a nightmare and a lot of money can be lost and a lot of time wasted. I first used Adam at Henry & Hall 3 years ago and have now transacted on two vehicles spending over £200,000. The service was as expected amazing but that's not the point of this testimony. It was the amount of hidden expertise before during and after the transaction the ongoing support and the ability to get the lowest deal on the purchase and the best terms on the finance. If your buying a vehicle now or in the next few years engage with Adam and allow him to demonstrate he know best. He will get the right deal for you and your family."

Roger Morris

"The service I received from Adam Henry was excellent – you helped me sell my car for a good price and find exactly the car I wanted within my budget. You have taken all the hassle and uncertainty of out dealing with car dealers and you always add value to the process – I don't know how you do it - but you do!! I have recommended you to my friends and family – but only the ones I like (joke)!"


Get In Touch

Henry & Hall : 10 The Links, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL8 7DS

Tel: 01707 395693 Mobile: 07778 234561


Do you charge a fee for your service?

No we do not charge a fee for our standard car sourcing service. We receive a modest commission from our panel of dealerships. We also do not charge clients for enquiries that do not lead to a successful purchase.

If we are sourcing specialist cars that require more of our time and commitment then fees may be applicable. We would discuss these in full before engaging with any client.

Where do your source vehicles from?

Where a vehicle is sourced from is as important as the car we are sourcing. It is important that the pedigree of your vehicle is matched by a suitable supplier. Most of the vehicles we source are from Franchised Manufacturer Dealerships although there are a selection of reputable independent specialists that we are happy to deal with. Your journey begins once you buy a car and we feel it is important that you receive the best support during your ownership experience.

Will I get a warranty with my car?

A vehicle warranty is an important consideration when buying your car. Most of the vehicles we source are either new or nearly new. These cars will have either a full manufacturer's warranty or the remaining balance. Where we are sourcing a used vehicle that is from a franchised dealership, your car will come with a 12 month approved used manufacturer's warranty. We are reluctant to deal with any supplier that cannot offer a 12 month warranty on a vehicle unless there are mitigating circumstances.

What types of vehicles do you source?

We specialise in all forms of cars but specialise in prestige vehicles. As a guide, if the vehicle you are looking to buy is under 5 years of age and over £7,500 then we can assist. There are always exceptions to any rule so please feel free to discuss your requirements with us and we will endeavour to help.

We also specialise in commercial vehicles. Many of our clients have businesses that require commercial vehicles so it was natural for us to extend our services into this area. We have access to market leading discounts with most recognised commercial manufacturers.

Who do I pay for my vehicle?

In all instances you pay the supplier of the vehicle.

Can my vehicle be delivered?

Many of our dealerships offer to deliver vehicles to their new owners. Depending on the distance and the type of delivery method there can be a charge which we would discuss with you in advance of payment. Many of our clients still prefer the option of a dealership hand over.

Can I part exchange my current vehicle?

Negotiating your vehicle's part exchange is part of our service. We will always do our best to secure the best price for your current car. We will often ask you for as much information as possible on the condition and history of your vehicle. It is essential that we are able to communicate this to a dealership to ensure the best return.

Can you sell my vehicle for me?

Henry & Hall are not motor traders so we do not sell vehicles on our client's behalf. We are happy to advise you in the instance that you decide to sell your car privately or we may have a client who is looking to purchase a vehicle that you have to sell. It is a subject that we are happy to discuss with you where applicable.

Do I have to finance my car through you?

No, but we offer some of the best rates in the market together with a range of niche products. Hall Asset Finance is a stand alone business that has an enviable reputation based on financing vehicles for customers. It specialises in asset finance unlike other companies who offer finance as one of many services. A quote carries no obligation and our advice is impartial.

What after sales service do I receive?

We like to think that our customers are customers for life. Sourcing a vehicle through Henry & Hall is the start of a relationship. We are hear to provide advice and assistance whenever possible. Although we are unable to offer specific warranties on your vehicle, our relationship with our supplying dealerships allow us to assist should you run into any unfortunate circumstances. We live in an imperfect world where mistakes and problems do arise. We believe that a measure of a company is how they deal with these problems. You will always find us available and ready to assist whenever you need us.


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